Saturday, June 09, 2007

So that she will know

About 4 hours ago, Zaki officially ended her 2 years and 6 months birthday celebration. We hadn't planned anything special really. We just had our usual afternoon inflatable pool bath with a bonus of afternoon rain showers which left us both parading on the deserted street in front of the house. Then she took her nap and after which, we proceeded to 'doh' (McDonalds, where else) for her fried chicken and rice meal. We just enjoy seeing her gobble the whole meal right down to the soda. Then, she'd make her way to the play area, usually to be the smallest among the kids which is cause for a little bit of worry.

Zaki is slowly becoming a little child now. If I were to write down what significant things she could do at this time, well she still couldn't talk clearly as much as we'd wanted her to but she does have those quirks that we love about her. (She just went to bed at around 1:45 am after halving a McChicken burger with me.) Foremost of which is singing or humming tunes. Most she hums to indicate that she would like to watch a particular 'bbd' (DVD) or just refer to a character while other times she just gets to hum with me because she saw it on Youtube and like her dad, came out impressed.

Here goes:

1. Spiderman theme (original cartoon theme with matching web-slinging actions and swinging till she has her legs above her head while holding my right hand)
2. Superman (John Williams orchestral theme complete with 'sad facial expression' during the non-crescendo part)
3. Batman
4. Raindrops keep falling (Spidey 2 influence, she knows Peter, Doc Ock, Harry, MJ, JJonah and a lot more)
5. Elmo theme

Honorable mention: Australia by the Shins and Just can't get enough by Nouvelle Vague live with Moby plus a bunch of other kiddie TV themes from Sesame Street, Harry Potter theme, Jeopardy theme and of course, Wowowee songs (Eeewww, teti!!!).

Can't say I'm keen on finding out what's the next thing she'd be able to do but taking poop in the toilet seems to have its appeal . . . or maybe just sleeping earlier than midnight!

Till next.