Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day for the Environment

It is not Oct 4 but it sure feels like it. Why? Because 14,000 blogs and 12 million readers have united to make this day special. Just like the time when a simple man was recognized for his sacred devotion through his earthly mission. His name is Francis.

Anyway, St. Francis never really wanted anything extraordinary while he lived. Yet, people who have met him could feel how much he cared for all things. He spoke and listened to plants, trees and practically anything. He believed that divinity existed in all of creation and that to care for them is to return the gift of love he has received that he could do nothing else.

I have often taken this for granted. Yet, I can truly say that deep inside we long for the embrace of nature and its spirit-renewing qualities. We need not go someplace else to re-connect. Sure, the lure of majestic white beaches or nature parks can be quite tempting. But aren't the small patches of grass or the ordinary plants and trees within our surroundings just as beautiful and can offer solace because it still is after all, a part of the whole.

So, next time you water the plants or cut and trim the grass, think of it not as a chore but but a means of giving back and doing your share. For all we know, saving water or re-using/recycling things may just do more for you than anything else. For truly, each of us is a part of one big creation. (Photo courtesy of