Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Joys of Parenting Young Children = Wondertime

After almost a month of tantrum-filled weeks, Zaki has finally calmed down to manageable proportions and being with her isn't too 'toxic' as it had been. Don't really have a clue as to what changes we or she made but we're thankful for the last 3 days that we did not engage in 'battle' basically. As much as we'd like to teach her the finer points of behavior, I think I need them more than she does. Patience and understanding do work wonders for children if demonstrated by parents. That's it.

Speaking of wonders, there is this amazing resource online for parents. Wondertime packs a lot of sensible ideas and guides for parents of babies, toddlers and preschoolers. I learned a lot clicking through their site and topics that it kept me glued for some time. Discover it for yourself. and for your kids, too.

See what reading Sports Illustrated could point you to. Credits to them and Rand Cooper's article on Jared Jordan.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Movie theater newbie experience, Spidey 3

Despite occasional protestations from feminist and pacifist relatives, we weren't about to let Zaki down from her web of delight. So off we went to her first movie, Spiderman 3.

Surprise, she stayed awake and interested the whole 2 hours we were in the theater. During non-action scenes, she would be walking up and down the neon-lighted aisle trying to figure where the pictures coming from while during the scenes where Spidey or Peter Parker would be in their element, swinging or dancing, Zaki would clap and holler, to the delight (or scorn) of the pair in front of us.

Surprise number 2. Left hanging with great expectations, Spidey 3 failed to surpass Spidey 2 (probably the best comics adaptation) in lots of things especially story and screenplay. Good thing, we have Spiderman 2.1 (not 4) to look forward to watching at home.

Nuff said.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


By the look of things, most of the candidates who would be declared winners by the end of next week's elections would surprisingly still be, uhm, politicians - people engaged in politics. Now, is it that bad to be called as such?

Let us just consult the web for definitions of politics and maybe you'll find one that best applies to Filipinos.

My favorite? It is this one. (Read it and laugh - then weep because it's true)

(Does this have anything to do with Zaki, yes and no? Yes, because Zaki has become familiar with the names and even the gestures of the candidates based on the multitude of TV ads they have. And No. Because she is still to young to endorse a candidate, unless it is Peter Parker and with a bit of arm-twisting, she might get to do an ad for Kapatiran!)

Another one.

The issue of Corruption. Where does it start?

I know it starts with people who enter politics brimming with ideals but somehow end up addicted to the power and its trappings. It is a good time to examine it now especially with the inexplicably, horrible waste of money being put into TV ads. Just how much do these people want the position could only be answered by the amount of wealth poured into the TV ads. No wonder almost all would be filling their own coffers upon getting elected since campaigns are really costly. A TV ad costs approximately 40 million pesos as one candidate admitted. Imagine if this money just went directly to services.

Another sad fact is that those who are deserving yet have no money are just wasting their time. Better yet, rig a poll or a survey, and it might just do the trick even without the ads. I do believe it somehow affects voting strategies but it is a different matter altogether.

TV stations are part of the problem. Why? They are party to the 'prelude to corruption'. Unless, they give equal share to all (except the nuisance, but who isn't), they are unknowingly biased given the amount of air time they allot (and earn) for these ads. Are they being fair? Or is it just about business? Is it really service to to the electorate or
the wealthy candidate?

Whereto? Web. And even in our own little way, we hope to contribute to genuine progress and selfless regard to Filipino welfare.

Nuff said.

Whiz kid is a Filipina

I just have to write something about Mikki. With all the negative items on the news, her story is a breath of fresh air (like the ones you feel when you go out of Metro Manila and into the simple probinsya).

Nope. Wasn't too big on academics really (uh, sourgrape) but nonetheless, achievements such as hers are nothing to be scoffed at. As a parent, I could only pray that Zaki remain healthy despite her condition yet also dream that she finds inspiration to put effort and prioritize learning as a prelude to service to fellowmen. (I guess I have to find ways now to shift Zaki's attention from music and fastfood consumerism to reading and maybe, calculus - once she aces pronounciation of the names of her current obsessions - Batman, Superman and Spiderman)

Moving to the crux of the matter - Parenting Mikki. I wonder what milk she was fed when she was a baby? Was she breastfed or bottlefed? Did Mr and Mrs. Fudolig follow any ritual during pregnancy? Any thoughts on discipline methods? Just wondering, please.

Anyway, thoughts of the genius here. We could all learn something from Mikki.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Summer 2007

I'm sure Lola Nanay is watching us from the heavens. Really miss her.
(Photographer ain't that bad either)