Sunday, August 12, 2007

One's mellow and one's intense. Both blew us away.

It's been a while since Zaki and I were able to jam and listen together to songs courtesy of my playlists. The last few weeks, the only tunes we keep hearing were those I made with some Paul Weller circa Style Council plus some Kevin Tihista tunes because it was the only cd that my faulty - dirty car mp3 stereo has no trouble playing. And with my desktop PC still out of commission, and the limited songs I managed to keep in the Ipod, it may take some time again before we get to swing our hips and loose our heads again.

And so I thought.
Just can't seem to keep away from good music because we keep seeing the Signal Fire video from Snow Patrol. And being the Spidey freak that she is, naturally, in no time at all, we were singing along to the refrain (or chorus) complete with strumming the air guitars of course.

But surprisingly, it did not end there. Just when I was about to leave for work, we caught a glimpse of the featured band in the Letterman show. From the intense intro to the guitar riffs, we were completely blown away. It was like the first time we saw Interpol playing Evil live on youtube.

In case you'd like to know, the band that played Typical was Mutemath.

Check them out.

B'lated 2 and 8th bday, Zaki!