Saturday, April 19, 2008

First Plane Ride - Cebu Trip

First Plane Ride - Cebu Trip
First Plane Ride - Cebu Trip,
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If only keeping those seatbelts fastened were as easy as sending photo posts from Flickr. Haaayyy.

Makin' Up

It has been 2 months ago since I've posted something here. Blame it on several factors such as work, uhhhmm ... work and work. But really, it is not as though we never had enough good times with Zaki during the past months. On the contrary, Zaki had a couple of first experiences - first time to meet cousins from the US, first time to ride a bike and just a few weeks ago, her first plane ride. Enough said, here are the pics which paint a thousand words.

With cousin Gabby

At my Lola's house in Silang

Where's the other photos? Just head over and view them at Flickr