Monday, June 30, 2008

Beef Stew, Woohoo.

Pool at Bridge School (now pool of tears, mine and Zaki's)

It's third week of school and Zaki doesn't seem to be excited attending classes already. So far. she's missed 3 days already. I'm bummed out and can't help think it's all my fault.

She had a great first week until I had to fly to Cebu and mess the routine. The 2nd week, when I was away, teacher said that she demanded to go out after snacks and take her meds which I usually give except I'm not around that time. That's when trouble began and she wasn't too happy in school since. Saw it myself when I came back and took her to school that Friday and she was crying her lungs out the whole morning, I mean more than 3 hours with 4 different teachers trying to comfort her and all the while she was mumbling and pointing to me outside saying, "daddy". Excruciating.

I guess she felt betrayed and could be that she was fearful I'd leave her suddenly again.

Strangeways, here we come.

What's with the title? When you ask her what's the name of her school, instead of Bridge School, I'm sure it's what I'm hearing.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

School Dazed

'Twas Zaki's first day at school. Look how excited she is :(

No need to point out who's more excited than the kids and the teachers.

More pics to come as soon as I get over it.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


If there ever was something Zaki could do that really amazes us (besides her sharp memory for people's names, new wave music & DC and Marvel comic book characters), it's solving puzzles.

Posted a few videos which I took on a hot summer afternoon. Really. Although, both kid and dad do have penchant for looking skimpy at home:-) Our way of saving soap and water for laundry.


Pooh Part 1

Wait till she learns to master two 50-pc Justice League puzzles we bought her. She's almost done with it and on her way to really piece those without much help. Look for Part 2 of her Pooh puzzle video and another surprise one on stating her identity on Youtube


originally uploaded by Zakishymn.
Zaki looking pensive when in reality what being with her is - EXpensive. No worries, though - she being with us is more than enough payment!


originally uploaded by Zakishymn.
Lying in the 'duyan' or hammock is one thing people won't be able to get too much off. Maybe it's the outdoor feeling of being care-free is what we normally associate with or maybe, it's because we all secretly long to feel like babies again.

(Unfortunately, they had to take this duyan down after a few days to give way to something more pleasurable to them: drinking tables and benches made of 'kawayan'. Zaki and I dig those, too)