Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tsk, tsk

I've never had to work this hard all my life and still feel that I am doing a poor job. I've been a full-time dad to Zaki for nearly 11 months now although I still play second fiddle to my wife in terms of primary care. Physically, I think this is quite a workout. Mentally, it's driving me nuts. (Just imagine being the mother).

If all babies are like her, then a toast to all parents who have raised their child/children with their wits intact. Every day now has been a struggle to be patient while Zaki screams (and kicks) for her wishes to be carried out all the while she is in tow in the most awkward of positions. If only we could understand what it is she wants then it'll be easier. Unfortunately, we don't.

Thankfully, there also is nightime sleep. Tis the best time to carefully examine her in all her baby glory in peace. I am tired most of the day but I'd be a fool to complain. Not tonight, while most people are counting their many blessings I'm perfectly content with just having this one.

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