Monday, July 09, 2007

Wonder of my world

It would be fair to say that I would never see any of the ancient wonders of the world nor the new ones even. Looks like even completing the new list wasn't spared by democracy and the internet so much so that the Egyptians found the idea of nominating the Giza for the new list as ridiculous (Somehow, I agree with them because the Pyramids are definitely shoo-ins.) But as with opinion, however the number of votes cast, there is a thing as 'to each his own'. I know what mine is.

Zaki's now another month older. She could count to ten (if you could decipher the words she chose to replace 6 & 7), her new tag line is Harry Potter (replacing Peter Parker & Spidey); she has retired her magnetic drawing board due to overuse (drawing lines and shapes before bedtime and calling them Doc Ock, Harry, sexy Hermione and Ron) and her favorite toy is a small 'The Thing' (of the Fantastic Four) which she brings to the bath and to bed everyday. It could have been 'The Silver Surfer' if she only knew how to pronounce it correctly but for now, even she is embarrassed with how she calls it that it won't probably be her favorite toy for months to come.

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