Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Almost 6 Months Too Late (but what the heck)

There was a time when things weren't really going for us back then when Zaki was born. Still, we had to find sources of strength, hope and inspiration in nearly all places we laid our eyes and mind on. Fortunately, we found those both offline and online.

Having friends, relatives, loved ones and medical personnel for support and help did get us through a lot. And never did I discount the possibility of music to soothe our aching selves. And as if on cue, I was able to find my way back to the Pale Fountains and to a sanctuary where people who were likewise touched by Monsieur Head's music kept the flame of a certain musical taste we could all relate to, alive.

Oh, how I deeply regret not being able to give my timely appreciation last December. Just so that I will always remember their kind words which I failed to acknowledge properly because of Eedious. Shameful.

"Zaki, call them Dad's kindred souls". Boss that.


Thank you for the way ...


acey said...

it's good to have wonderful people in our lives, noh? they're like angels. =D

friarminor said...

Do remember that, too!

Thanks and bless you, Acey!