Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Parenting: When Quantity Trumps Quality

Ayelet Waldman on time with kids:
“Quality time doesn’t work with kids,” she says. “If kids had to decide between spending one hour a day with an attentive, loving mom, and 24 hours with a bitterly suicidal mom, they’ll pick the suicidal wretch every time. They want you 24/7.”

It is much easier to say that it was because of CAH that we quit our jobs to dedicate ourselves to your first 3 years of life. Yet, I think it was divine grace giving us the butt-kick to really pursue what we felt could be the most important task of our lives.

That is to spend as much time with you.

True - that my parenting skills are far from ideal and oftentimes, frustration and impatience turn me into a scary menace. Still, you have shown us how deeply you care for us by turning a blind eye instead and letting it all pass with quick wit and wacky gestures.

Time, indeed is love, actuated.

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Kaira said...

Parenting is not an easy job. Looking after a child, taking care of his / her education, health etc is a big task. Knowledge and education is not every thing. A child must learn good behavior and discipline.