Monday, April 23, 2007

Celebrate Earth Day everyday

It is summer and people spend a lot of time cooling themselves by going to the beaches and staying out while for those who don't have the privilege of air-conditioned office rooms, staying home means turning on the cooling systems and spinning the electric meters crazy.

But wait. I've read about this Earth Day though there wasn't that much fuzz celebrating it. Could it be because there are 2 days during the year designated as Earth Day or maybe, people just take everything for granted while majority has enough problems already trying to get by each day.

Nonetheless, all of us must do our part in ensuring that future generations still do get to enjoy breathing clean air and seeing a wonderful functional Earth as it had been during our younger days. It doesn't require grandiose actions, small, meaningful ways to help will do.

My contribution: Wear light clothing
when at home (or none at all, if possible) to beat the heat.

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