Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mom and Dad are so over . . . parenting, that is

How many times have you seen or heard parents holding out their babies off environments not germ-free or not letting them discover the thrill of the playground because he or she will get sand or mud and/or they forgot to bring antibacterial wipes or lotion.

Well, know what,
medical experts are pleading with parents to stop with the anti-germ hysteria because rather than preventing illness in children, it's actually causing it, encouraging the growth of treatment-resistant strains of bacteria, and preventing kids' exposure in the healthy doses required to grow a strong immune system.

Now this is an all too common example about how over-parenting is counter-productive. Read more about Katie Allison Granju and 'The Over-Parenting Crisis'. (And yes, I, too, am guilty your honor).

Check the new links in Mouse Traps, cool parents and see how your skills match against the online gurus.

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