Thursday, May 10, 2007

Whiz kid is a Filipina

I just have to write something about Mikki. With all the negative items on the news, her story is a breath of fresh air (like the ones you feel when you go out of Metro Manila and into the simple probinsya).

Nope. Wasn't too big on academics really (uh, sourgrape) but nonetheless, achievements such as hers are nothing to be scoffed at. As a parent, I could only pray that Zaki remain healthy despite her condition yet also dream that she finds inspiration to put effort and prioritize learning as a prelude to service to fellowmen. (I guess I have to find ways now to shift Zaki's attention from music and fastfood consumerism to reading and maybe, calculus - once she aces pronounciation of the names of her current obsessions - Batman, Superman and Spiderman)

Moving to the crux of the matter - Parenting Mikki. I wonder what milk she was fed when she was a baby? Was she breastfed or bottlefed? Did Mr and Mrs. Fudolig follow any ritual during pregnancy? Any thoughts on discipline methods? Just wondering, please.

Anyway, thoughts of the genius here. We could all learn something from Mikki.

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