Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Movie theater newbie experience, Spidey 3

Despite occasional protestations from feminist and pacifist relatives, we weren't about to let Zaki down from her web of delight. So off we went to her first movie, Spiderman 3.

Surprise, she stayed awake and interested the whole 2 hours we were in the theater. During non-action scenes, she would be walking up and down the neon-lighted aisle trying to figure where the pictures coming from while during the scenes where Spidey or Peter Parker would be in their element, swinging or dancing, Zaki would clap and holler, to the delight (or scorn) of the pair in front of us.

Surprise number 2. Left hanging with great expectations, Spidey 3 failed to surpass Spidey 2 (probably the best comics adaptation) in lots of things especially story and screenplay. Good thing, we have Spiderman 2.1 (not 4) to look forward to watching at home.

Nuff said.

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