Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bless Krispy Kreme, Go Nuts Donuts + Gatorade

No offense to Dunkin Donuts (my wife and I do love Bavarian!), but I really need to extend our gratitude to Krispy Kreme, Go Nuts Donuts and Zaki's official beverage aside from milk in times of trouble, Gatorade (Tropical Fruit Flavor?/ Red one) for keeping her up the week after she got out from the hospital.

You see even though she looked quite well by Christmas day already, Zaki still was having watery stools for about 5 more days upon checking out of the hospital. She wasn't eating and was complaining of aching tummy - although stool exams were negative. Good thing she kept eating Donuts and drinking Gatorade. It saved all of us the horror of having her put on IV again and more importantly abetting any CAH related crisis. Slowly, she finally felt really good by the New Year. So were we.

Uhmm, one other thing. Prayers did help, too.

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acey said...

oh so sorry to read about your baby, dear! i hope she's better and healthier now. :) god bless and i wish your family good health this year. :)