Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Last Night. Lost Knight. Dark Knight.

Last night. Zaki just cajoled me again into buying her a new 'Dark Knight' (circa Batman Begins) figure amidst the surprised looks from the salesladies at SM who kept offering her princess' items and other cute characters instead. Never thought Heath would bring a whole new meaning to the item and the day past.

Lost Knight. Ledger appeared as a Knight, remember? But simply brilliant in Brokeback Mountain!

Dark Knight. After Spidey and Silver Surfer: Fantastic Four, Zaki and I had reason to be excited watching a movie again soon that we've repeatedly watched the new trailers available. Snicker, cackle, maniacal laugh and all.

[Joker] "Let's put a smile in that face of yours!'



aCey said...

another great actor gone forever.

by the way, that joker face of his is scaaary! lol. :)

friarminor said...

You're right, Acey! Sad thing is he was just blossoming and finding his 'oomph'.

You think its scary? Zaki feels the same way but I guess she also think it's cool. She even said to get her a costume like that. Weird role models [Robert Smith,V (for Vendetta) etc], dad included.