Tuesday, June 17, 2008

School Dazed

'Twas Zaki's first day at school. Look how excited she is :(

No need to point out who's more excited than the kids and the teachers.

More pics to come as soon as I get over it.


acey said...

cool! cool!

grabe talaga siguro pag 1st day of school ng anak, noh?

i hope little zaki is having lots of fun learning. she seems to have great parents who care much for her.

friarminor said...

Thanks, Acey!

Do I really sound like I'm on caffeine. Honestly, we put Zaki in school so we could get a few hours of rest :) and for her to learn social skills. Reading and writing is secondary.

I wonder if the teachers realize how bad their situation is now that Zaki is around.