Saturday, June 07, 2008


If there ever was something Zaki could do that really amazes us (besides her sharp memory for people's names, new wave music & DC and Marvel comic book characters), it's solving puzzles.

Posted a few videos which I took on a hot summer afternoon. Really. Although, both kid and dad do have penchant for looking skimpy at home:-) Our way of saving soap and water for laundry.


Pooh Part 1

Wait till she learns to master two 50-pc Justice League puzzles we bought her. She's almost done with it and on her way to really piece those without much help. Look for Part 2 of her Pooh puzzle video and another surprise one on stating her identity on Youtube

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acey said...

oh cuuuuuuuute!!! ang galing ni zaki!

ps: the dress code reminds me of how i used to run around in my oversized undies when i was a kid, ha!