Monday, December 08, 2008

Thankful for Another Dec 8 Birthday!

I do admit that there are times when it just gets so difficult writing week after week. Not that there are no special things to speak of nor shout about but it must be the grind that is getting to me coupled with my health not cooperating as it had in the past. This isn't exactly how blogging should be for me (and this is exactly where the paths diverge between revered journalists and people such as myself).

Yet today is a special day! Zaki is turning four (or as she pronounces, "foy").

Year three was a blast (as we got blasted, too). School, being on TV and just everyday being terrible! But at least we get to leave her now with her yaya for the first time in her life and still be fine.

Hopefully, her fourth year will be nothing short of fantastic!
[Dad promises to be better; too much of a grouch this year I admit and really sorry for it]

Here's some pics taken from my cellphone to celebrate the last few days of her as a
twee year old! Just in case your memory fails you, PacMan won yesterday against Dela Hoya but it doesn't mean that punching people is right!


Moonlight-Mom said...

happy birthday to you and zaki! :)

friarminor said...

Thanks, Ate Linnor!

Add us to your Sagittarians who make the first week and a half of an already busy December more hectic but fun!

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