Monday, May 11, 2009

The Mummy


Honestly, Mom's Day is just commerce. Probably better to 'spend' those regular days celebrating time you have with mum and show how much we appreciate her for what she has done and for being the person that she is. Besides, it's apparent that, more and more each day, you'd end up a carbon copy of her so be nice or the transformation will speed up ten-fold!

Yes, terrible pic that is but it does serve as a (painful) reminder of what had happened this week.

1. You're no boxer and despite professing that you would like to be a boxer someday, thanks to Pacquiao-Hatton, hematoma doesn't look great on the face.

2. Always be careful! No need to run amok all day because you'd never know when the floor would prefer something else than your foot. Plus, Dad isn't there all the time!

3. We nearly went for a VTR who saw potential in you for TV ads as a child actor (or villain, perhaps). Maybe, someday when they remake the Hulk, as a prequel.

One more thing, that violet thingy is to remind you about the lolas, too. So, let's both be good to our mums and turn a new leaf . Keep that chin up, pun intended!


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