Monday, May 25, 2009

Questions To Brush Aside (for now)


I don't know how other parents manage to take a lot of their young kids to attend Sunday mass. For quite a period of time, I'd just be adding more to my sin count trying to subdue Zaki from being the hyper kid that she is that I thought it better to not just attend mass. Of course, the alternative of going ourselves wasn't too appealing either as I'd rather spend as much time with her.

Fortunately, it might be because she's bit older now that we've started having better time now at church. Though she'd still occasionally move up and down seats which distracts other people fearing she'd be getting herself into an accident, we've managed to calm her clowning down a bit without employing scare tactics.

Still, we're not completely freed of the concerns associated with attending mass. This time, Zaki is on a philosophical assault.

If Jesus was good and has a lot of power, why is He on the cross? How come he has enemies? Why didn't he fight back? He is a superhero, right?

On the side, but related:
Even as a baby, Zaki's been a huge 'perspirer' that at home, she'd be most likely wearing just undies running around and playing. As a result, we often have a difficult time whenever we're supposed to go out and she has to put a dress on.

One time, in exasperation, wifey says, "Zaki, you can't go out dressed in panty/briefs! Better put some clothes on, otherwise, Jesus will get mad at you!"

Sad to say, that in this argument, she reasoned, Jesus up on the cross, was on her side.

Indeed, He has a soft side for all kids. Amen.

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